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We all have those doubts and dilemmas surrounding the procedure of teeth scaling. Is it good, or is it bad? Most probably, these uncertainties hinder us from taking the right step for our dental health. Doubts at the cost of our health are disastrous. So, let’s clear the doubts and gain first-hand knowledge about teeth scaling to make an informed decision.

When It Is Time for Teeth Scaling.

Harmful microbes and tartar  (a hardened form of plaque)  accumulate on our teeth. These deposits happen both above and below the gum line. And, they release toxins. Eventually, it leads to gum disease known as periodontitis.

Unfortunately, brushing and flossing fail to remove these piled-up microbes and tartar from your teeth. As a result, gum disease thrives and causes bleeding, inflammation, and receding gums and leads to receding bone tissue which is the worst scenario.

However, with the advancement of dentistry, treatments are available for any dental issue. So, to remove these harmful deposits, we have teeth scaling.  


 What is Teeth Scaling?

 Teeth scaling is a dental procedure that removes plaque, tartar, microbes, and stains from your teeth and gums. It plays a major role in maintaining good oral hygiene. Root planing and teeth scaling are performed simultaneously.  They constitute ‘deep cleaning’.It goes beyond common teeth cleaning. Hence, it treats gum disease.

Furthermore,  periodontal diseases happen as a result of tartar accumulation on teeth. Teeth scaling effectively removes the tartar to manage dental diseases early on. 

Benefits of Teeth Scaling

#.  Prevents tooth decay and cavities

The cavities invite plaque and cause damage to our enamel. As a result, major dental issues start to affect our teeth. By removing plaque, tartar, microbes, and other build-ups, teeth scaling avoids the onset of cavities and keeps our teeth in good health.

#.Removes stain

  Some foods, beverages, and bad habits like smoking stain our teeth. This yellow color may diminish our confidence. With teeth scaling, these stains can be removed effectively.

#.  Breathe fresh  

If you suffer from bad breath, then dental scaling is one of the best options to bid adieu to bad breath. Accumulation of bacteria and food particles can be a reason for poor breath. In such cases, you can resort to teeth scaling that remove these odor-inducing bacteria.

#. Prevents periodontal disease

Plaque is a recipe for many dental issues. If it is beneath our gumlines, it will damage the gums. It results in tooth loss. Teeth scaling will remove these plaques and save our gumline contributing to strong dental health.

# . Detects dental issues early on 

A thorough dental examination of teeth and gums during teeth scaling helps the dentist identify dental issues in advance.  And,  it can reveal dental problems such as cavities, tooth decay,  gum diseases, and even dental cancer at an early stage. Thus, prompt detection and ensuing treatment can prevent deterioration.


  Is Teeth Scaling Good?

  You must have probably got the answer that teeth scaling is good for your dental health. However, there might be some lingering doubts or myths regarding teeth scaling that pull you back from opting for it. Therefore, let’s address those doubts one by one.

teeth scaling 

Teeth Scaling- Myths Busted

#.Teeth scaling will not weaken the enamel.

 When your dentist follows the proper procedure of teeth scaling, it removes only the surface-level deposits of plaque, tartar, stain, microbes, and other accumulations. It does not affect or remove the enamel. Moreover, the scaling procedure exerts only minimal pressure.

#.Teeth scaling does not widen the teeth gap.

It is a myth that teeth scaling widens the teeth gaps.No, it does not increase the gap. On the other hand, it removes the unwanted deposits stuck between teeth.

#.Teeth scaling is not painful

In this era when medical advancements have been taking giant leaps daily, no treatment induces excruciating pains. Dental procedures are no exception. Hence, teeth scaling is not going to inflict any pain. Further, it does not need any anesthesia. Moreover, if the deposits go deeper, topical sprays and anesthetic gels are there to offer you painless teeth scaling.

#.Teeth scaling and teeth whitening are different.

Teeth scaling is a preventive procedure that aims to maintain oral health by removing external deposits. Meanwhile, teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that focuses on changing the color or shade of the teeth using bleaching agents.


The cost of  teeth scaling

   The cost of teeth scaling usually lies between INR 1500 TO INR 2000. However, it varies depending on several factors including the nature of the cases.



Now it is certain that teeth scaling is not at all bad. It is good and has many benefits. When it removes the tartar, it gifts us good oral health. As a result, our teeth get stronger and keep major dental issues at bay. As we have dispelled the doubts surrounding teeth scaling, it’s time to think prudently about your dental health.



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