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Have you been hiding your beautiful smile? Yes! Your smile is gorgeous irrespective of the position of your teeth. However, we cannot deny that we often become self-conscious of our smiles.

 Is teeth misalignment the reason behind your self-conscious smile? Then worry not. Dentistry has the solution for your problem.

Teeth Misalignment is a common dental issue that hides millions of smiles. It can adversely impact self-esteem and confidence. However, the good news is that there are a plethora of treatment options for teeth misalignment. 

teeth alignmentIn this blog, we will have a brief discussion on teeth misalignment.

What Is Teeth Misalignment or Malocclusion?

It is a dental problem where teeth are not aligned the way they should be.  

What Are the Common Types of Teeth Misalignment?

Dentistry has identified and named several types of teeth misalignments. Some of them include:


#. Openbite

 Openbite happens when the upper front teeth do not overlap the lower front teeth.


This type of teeth misalignment happens when your upper jaw and teeth heavily overlap your lower jaw and teeth. We typically call this state overbite though its medical term is retrognathism.


  It is also called underbite. It happens when the lower jaw protrudes forward, resulting in the lower jaw and teeth overlapping the upper jaw and teeth.


When your teeth fit behind your lower teeth, it is crossbite. A crossbite in cause the development of a misaligned jaw in kids. 

3. Overcrowding

 This teeth misalignment happens when your teeth are overcrowded and as a result, some of them come at strange angles.

What Are the Reasons for Teeth Misalignment?

There are several reasons for teeth misalignment. Let’s talk about them.

#.Genetics is one of the reasons for teeth misalignment

Your family history has a big impact on the alignment of your teeth. If your parents or other close relatives in the family have dental problems, there is a greater chance for you to inherit them.  

#.Oral Habits can cause misalignment

Some childhood oral habits like thumb-sucking, long-term pacifier usage, prolonged use of a feeding bottle, or even tongue thrusting can affect the alignment of teeth.

 #.Ill-fitting dental treatments

   Ill-fitting dental fillings, crowns, dental appliances, retainers, or braces, can lead to teeth misalignment.

#.Misalignment after an injury or tumor

Misalignment of teeth can occur after a severe injury and tumors of the mouth and jaw. 

What Are the Treatment Options Available for Teeth Misalignment?

  With the advancement of dentistry, there are several treatment options available for teeth misalignment that ranges from aligners o surgery. Let’s go through some prominent ones.

#.Metal braces

When it comes to treating teeth misalignment, using metal braces is a popular option. In this procedure,  metal brackets are fixed on the teeth. Then, they are fastened using an orthodontic wire, and thus they exert pressure on the teeth.

Metal braces address severe issues including overcrowding and crooked teeth and deliver effective results. 

#.Invisalign or clear aligners

Invisalign or clear aligners have been getting wide acceptance recently. They came as an alternative to traditional braces. Their transparent appearance is one of the reasons for their popularity.

 To correct mild to moderate teeth misalignment, Invisalign is a good option. They are custom-made transparent trays and are not attached permanently to the teeth. Hence, the patient can take out these aligners when the need occurs. Moreover, to keep them transparent, removing them during meals and brushing is often followed. However, dentists recommend wearing them for 22 hours every day for better results.

#.Porcelain veneers

If you want to fix minor misalignment issues in the front teeth,  then porcelain veneers are a good option. The orthodontist attaches these custom-made chip-like materials to the surface of the teeth. Without resorting to complex orthodontic procedures, you can correct the appearance of specific teeth or minor misalignment with porcelain veneers.

#.Combination of treatments

In some cases situations, a combination of treatments may be necessary to get the desired result. For instance,  some teeth misalignment demands the removal of one or more teeth. It creates sufficient space for proper alignment.

Similarly,  procedures like dental bonding, capping, or reshaping can repair misaligned teeth.


In some severe cases, jaw lengthening or shortening requires surgical contouring. In this procedure, orthodontists use wires, plates, or screws to fix jaw bones.

#.Dental Implants

If broken or crooked teeth cause teeth misalignment, then dental implants come to your rescue. 


 In conclusion, teeth misalignment is a dental problem for which a wide range of treatment options are available. To choose the best treatment, you need to select the best dental care. Hence, it is crucial to find the best dentist or orthodontist who is an expert in her field. 

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