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Root Canal Treatment at a glance

There was a time when the only choice for treating a decaying tooth was to extract it. The situation is different now that medical research has improved. One such advancement in dentistry is the root canal procedure, which allows us to treat an infected tooth and preserve it.
Sometimes the pulp, the area at the center of the tooth that contains the nerves, blood vessels, and living connective tissue, gets infected or inflamed. This is because the pulp of the tooth contains a place where bacteria may accumulate and cause an infection. When the infection or germs deeply affects the tooth, it is time to go for root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is the removal of the infected tissues from the interior of the tooth. Thus it removes the infected pulp during this procedure. Finally, the procedure ensures the prevention of reinfection by sealing the tooth. It helps to ease the discomfort that an infected tooth causes. Moreover, it is the only way through which you can retain your natural tooth. Thus you can avoid tooth extraction.

Signs that call for a root canal treatment

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Sometimes you might not detect the presence of an infected tooth. However, you can notice the symptoms if you are aware of them. The following signs suggest you require a root canal:
• Painful toothache when chewing or exerting pressure: If you experience discomfort when chewing or touching your tooth, the pulp’s surrounding nerves may be destroyed.
• Swelling of the gum surrounding the infected tooth: This is because the puss accumulates around the infected area.
• Discolouration of the tooth
• Swollen jaw: The area may occasionally be blocked by puss. It can swell your jaws.
• Fractured tooth: Bacteria can get all the way into the tooth pulp if you’ve fractured a tooth
Steps involved in root canal treatment
• The dentist will perform an X-Ray during the first appointment to examine the root canal’s shape and check for any infection near the bone
• Then administers local anasthesia to numb the tooth’s surrounding area.
• Through drilling, the dentist accesses the pulp. Then he eliminates the pulp along with the microorganisms, dirt, and other elements it contained.
• After the removal of the pulp, the next step is the cleansing and disinfecting of the pulp chamber and root canals.
• After the cleansing, the dentist fills and seals the canal with a flexible and rubbery material.
• The next step involves sealing the tooth with a dental filling.
• The final step entails covering the tooth with a crown to protect the natural tooth. The crown gives the existing tooth its full functionality and protects it from breakage or damage.

Is the root canal treatment painful?

Laser root canal treatment.

Root Canal Treatment Trivandrum

Expert dentists provide the best root canal treatments in Trivandrum with the highest safety and consideration for the quality and comfort of patients.
Deciding factors of root canal treatment cost in Trivandrum
The condition of the tooth and the level of infection involved determine the cost of root canal treatment anywhere in Kerala. The same goes with Trivandrum too. Some of the elements that affect the pricing of a root canal include:
• The root canal treatment cost for back teeth is costlier than the front teeth. This is because rear teeth have numerous roots and root canals.
• The cost of the treatment will vary depending on the nature of your treatment. The cost increases if you have an infection or swelling along with the cracked or chipped tooth. This is because before beginning the RCT, your dentist will need to treat the infection. In cases of serious infection, the number of sittings may also rise. Nowadays, a root canal procedure may typically take only one visit. In most cases, a single visit is sufficient for a root canal procedure, but depending on the type and severity of the infection, it may necessitate two visits.
• The technology and materials utilised to treat the infected tooth for root canal therapy also influence the cost.
• Depending on the selection of the hospital, the price of root canal treatment in TVM may vary.
• The cost will also change according to the crown used.
• Depending on who administers the procedure, the price is higher for a specialist than a dentist.
Price of root canal treatment in Trivandrum.

Mushrooming of Dental Clinics made root canal treatment more accessible. Most of the Dental clinics in Trivandrum offer root canal treatments at an affordable rate. It will not cost you a fortune. Because root canal treatment cost in Trivandrum ranges between RS. 4500 and RS. 8000. This amount accounts for the root canal treatment alone. The crown and filling accrue an additional charge. You should note that complications during or after the procedure may also incur an additional fee. Thus the total fee can extend up to Rs. 12000.

root canal treatment cost in Trivandrum ranges between RS. 4500 and RS. 8000
Thus the total fee can extend up to Rs. 12000.


Now, we are clear about the process and the price of root canal treatment in Trivandrum. So do not postpone your root canal treatment and visit a nearby dental clinic in TVM. Keep in mind that maintaining good oral health is essential for overall wellness. It is time to opt for a root canal to preserve your natural teeth.

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