Bacteria and the acids they produce cause dental cavities, which are decayed areas of your teeth. Food lodgement in these cavities is a common problem, and they appear as brownish-black or black specks on your teeth.

Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of cavities. Softened food remains in contact with the teeth when we don’t brush and floss properly. These remains serve as a food source for bacteria in the mouth, which produce acids that can dissolve enamel and cause cavities. These cavities have now evolved into areas where food is frequently lodged.

If the bacteria are not stopped at this point, they will continue to penetrate deeper into the tooth structure, affecting the dentine and eventually the pulp. These cavity-causing bacteria can eventually destroy an entire tooth or a group of teeth.

Causes of dental cavities

Consumption of sugar intake

When a person has a dry mouth, he or she produces less saliva (saliva helps to wash away food debris and keeps tooth surfaces clean)

Anyone who has sticky saliva (sticky saliva allows food and bacteria to remain on the teeth as compared to watery saliva)

Teeth surfaces with deep, narrow grooves and fissures that are ideal for food lodgement and cavity-causing bacteria are inherited.

Symptoms of Cavities in the Teeth

The symptoms of dental cavities vary depending on the depth of the cavity. The sensitivity and pain associated with dental cavities in the enamel layer is the least. When the dental cavity reaches and exposes the pulp, however, it can cause excruciating pain that most of us associate with dental pain. Some of the other signs are as follows:

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods

A cavitations or a ditch in the tooth

Tooth pain when food gets stuck in these cavitation holes

A black-brown stain or spot on your teeth

Prevent Dental Cavities

Brushing your teeth twice a day or after each meal (if possible), flossing between your teeth, and rinsing your mouth after eating

Sugary and high-carbohydrate foods should be avoided in excess, as these sugars are bacteria’s favorite food!

Eat fruits and vegetables

Drink water with fluoride

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