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A dental emergency is a severe oral health condition that requires immediate attention. When you suffer from excruciating dental pain, for example, you may lose a tooth. The bleeding and suffering caused by these situations require emergency dental care. In contrast, you are also entitled to emergency dental care if you break your teeth in an accident. Dr. Gigy’s Dental Clinic, the best dental clinic in Trivandrum, provides immediate relief and comfort so that you can relax immediately.

Not all oral issues require emergency dental care, so determining whether you need it can be challenging. Having to make an unexpected trip to the dentist is something you do not want to have to face. However, you also do not want to put the health of your mouth and overall health in danger. We are the best dental clinic in Thiruvananthapuram here to help you determine which dental emergencies are severe enough to warrant immediate attention. These 8 signs can help you decide whether you should visit your dentist immediately or wait until tomorrow.

Emergency Dental Services available in Dr.Gigy’s Dental Clinic Trivandrum are as follows:

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#1 Loose or knocked out tooth

You shouldn’t have loose adult teeth since they are permanent. You might not think that a loose tooth is a big deal since it isn’t always painful. It can, however, develop nerve or jaw damage, which can worsen over time. It is therefore advisable to seek tooth loose treatment as emergency dental services as soon as possible. Call us right away if you lose, knock out, or fall out of a tooth. You might need a tooth loose treatment. A tooth that is taken care of quickly may still be viable and be able to be replanted. It is possible that our dentist will provide you with instructions on how to preserve the tooth until you arrive at the office for a tooth loose treatment.

Loose teeth can also be symptoms of infections, especially if they are painful. It is advisable to have it examined as soon as possible. It may be necessary to extract teeth for more advanced infections.

#2 Toothache

You may experience a toothache that keeps you awake, and that radiates to your neck, jaw, or ear when you have a serious dental problem. It is possible for this type of toothache to make you more uncomfortable when you lie down. A persistent throbbing may also be present in your mouth along with the severe toothache, as well as sensitivity and/or swelling in your face. This is ofcourse a medical emergency that our dentist will examine you and take x-rays to determine what’s wrong. 

#3 Gums Swollen or bleeding 

The presence of tooth gums swelling in your mouth can be a sign of an infection that could be life-threatening. Gums swollen can be a serious issue and you should see a dentist as soon as possible. You may experience swelling in your gums, your face, or even your lymph nodes. Leaving a tooth gums swelling infection untreated can lead to a number of serious health problems. Whenever you experience a gums swollen, be sure to tell your dentist where it is located and if there are any other signs of infection.

#4 Mouth or Jaw swelling

 Since your jaw is close to your lymph node, your lymph node may be swollen rather than your jaw. In either case, swelling could indicate an infection. Mouth swelling Or jaw swelling can trigger an abscess, which is a pus pocket that develops when an infection occurs in the mouth. There is a possibility that this condition will spread to other parts of the body, where it can become life-threatening. 

Nevertheless, just because it’s swollen doesn’t mean you need immediate medical attention. If there is little or no pain with your jaw swelling, you should wait a week or two to see if it disappears. A dental emergency appointment should be considered if it doesn’t work or you’re in a lot of pain.

#5 Signs of abscessed tooth 

Abscessed tooth is a pocket of pus caused by bacterial infection . An abscessed tooth can develop for a variety of reasons in different parts of the tooth. The dentist drains an abscessed tooth and gets rid of the infection by draining it. It is possible that a root canal treatment can save your tooth. It may be necessary to pull the tooth in some cases. The consequences of an untreated abscessed tooth may be grave, even life-threatening.

#6 Dental filling missing 

Get in touch with your dentist if a dental filling has fallen out. The doctor may be able to schedule you within a few days or even on the same day. You need to take extra precautions with your tooth if you can’t visit the dentist straight away. To prevent microorganisms from harming the exposed tissue or the dental filling, , keep the region clean.

A dental filling replaces the decaying part of your tooth. To ensure the health of your tooth, your dentist will have removed the decaying portions by drilling. It is therefore best to visit the dentist as quickly as possible so you can restore your teeth, even if you don’t have the pain

#7 Object lodged between teeth

The majority of us are familiar with the pain and annoyance that occur when you have food stuck in your teeth, the back of your mouth, or the gum line. You cannot get rid of even the tiniest particles of the teeth food that have become lodged in the deep crevices of your teeth by brushing and flossing your teeth properly. Therefore, most of the people are still unable to effectively stop the accumulation of teeth food and the buildup of plaque in their teeth, demanding regular professional teeth cleanings once or twice a year. However, to reduce the danger of dental decay or gum disease, we must clean as many bits of food as possible.

#8 Dental crown breaks  

During tooth extraction or root canal therapy, a dental crown is typically placed on your damaged teeth. By doing this, the necessity of additional oral health treatments is lessened. However, if you lose your dental crown, you must seek emergency dental care in order to get treatment more quickly.

Any dental issue that necessitates immediate attention to relieve the pain, save a tooth, stop bleeding, or diminish swelling is regarded as an emergency. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, ring our dentist at Dr. Gigy’ Dental Care, one of the best dental clinic Trivandrum, and explain your symptoms as accurately as you can. Eliminate unnecessary suffering. An emergency must be treated seriously.

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