Cone beam computed tomography (cone beam CT, or CBCT) is an advanced x-ray that allows clinicians to take a 3D image of the mouth. Unlike a standard dental x-ray, cone beam CT also gives images of the soft tissues of the mouth including the Gums, Tongue, Nerves and also gives the bone density of the Jaw Bone.

Dental cone beam computed tomography is a non-invasive way for dental professionals a complete picture of a patient’s mouth. It exposes patients to substantially less radiation than a traditional CT.

It is important when planning for implant placement to fully evaluate the contour of the bone. There are anatomical variations and pathology that can be seen more clearly on CBCT compared to conventional imaging.

Overall, CBCT has revolutionized implant dentistry. Advancements in the technology have pioneered development in scanning equipment and innovations in viewing software allow for more precise treatment planning.

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